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Samuel Keller

Student, Entrepreneur, Programmer

I'm Samuel Keller or Samuel Stankiewicz, depending on who you ask. I'm a developer, Entrepreneur, and Student living in Northern Virginia. I attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and maintain several projects, including and this website., a simulated brokerage platform developed and maintained by me, allows for any user around the world to experience the stock market in real time without assuming financial risk associated with tradditional markets. It's been used in a variety of environments and educational levels, including elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as several colleges and post-secondary programs. It offers fractional shares, international currency, aftermarket trading, and local groups.

War Simulation

A small project created to simulate the card game War. It's still in progress, but you can simulate an entire game of War with this tool in under a second, saving you hours of time consuming bore.

Use the developer tools to find a complete log of your game.

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