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The release of Stradr

Stradr, an online simulated stock trading platform developed by me, Samuel Keller, has released across all browsers. Below is the press release:

Stradr releases across all browsers at stradr.com

Stradr, an online simulated stock trading platform, has been released in a public beta and can now be used at stradr.com, offering features such as commodities trading, ETFs, 100% market coverage, fractional shares, advanced order types, and education settings that include real time data.

VIRGINIA, Oct. 18, 2022 – Stradr, an online simulated stock trading platform, has now been released in a public beta and is usable on all browsers and devices for free. Stradr offers extensive options for both new and advanced traders, including the trading of bonds, ETFs, commodities such as oil and gas, fractional shares up to 1/10,000th denominations, after market trading, and the ability to place advanced order types such as buying or selling a stock at market open or close. Options trading will be added in a later update. Users within the platform are offered a new, sleeker experience than the traditional simulated stock trading platform, one without archaic brokerage backbone and one that utilizes sub-millisecond order placements. Stradr is a revolutionary tool in the hands of all investors, especially those new to the experience such as education users. Stradr has been made free for this reason, and, furthermore, has publicly promised not to restrict any core functionality for purposes of profit.

Competitive features:

Samuel Keller, October 18, 2022 (Updated March 25, 2023)
Created by Samuel Keller for the promotion of Stradr.